PERFECT follows Jane and her best friend Alexis over four years as they journey toward their ultimate goal: the Olympic Games.  But the road is long and there are many trials and hardships along the way.  Follow Jane and Alexis as they pursue their dream of Olympic glory!


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Book One:  Playing With Fire

Jane McCormick is not your average fifteen-year-old. She’s an elite gymnast training to compete with the best in the world. But when her mother is killed in a car accident, Jane’s world comes crashing down, nearly taking her sanity with it. While training for the chance to make the senior national team, Jane must also cope with the devastating loss of her mother.  Will she be able to pick up the pieces and return to competition?


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Book Two:  Transitions

Jane and Alexis are back in the gym training for their next competition, the US Classic.  But questions and rumors begin to fly with the arrival of ZZ Graham, a successful elite gymnast.  Why was she left off the last Olympic team, despite being the reigning world all-around champion?  What had changed to make her go from a national sweetheart to being ignored by the national team coaches?  Can Jane and Alexis help her rebuild her reputation in time for her to qualify for the next World Championships?